Enjoy Your Home, Now!

Enjoy Your Home, Now!

  • Taya DiCarlo
  • 12/9/21
You’re planning on selling you home and have gone through the process of prepping it, only to realize how gorgeous it looks once it’s done. Now you think to yourself “Why didn’t we do this before?”
Don’t get to this stage and realize that all this time you never got a chance to truly enjoy your home. Here are three least expensive things you can do now to start enjoying your home:
    1. Do a light coat of paint throughout the entire house.

    2. Switch out the knobs. Maybe you have, have brush nickel, switch them out to black, or maybe do something bold or switch them to brass, bronze, something fun and funky.

    3. Change out light fixtures.

Painting light fixtures, knobs, it adds up. You could easily spend a few thousand dollars. If you've been living in your house for the last five years and you haven't done a refinance, my suggestion is you try to get a refinance or maybe do a home equity line of credit; take a little bit of that money out, not too much. You can start enjoying your home today and all of that stuff that you're doing is not just to enjoy it. It's to maintain the integrity of your home. If, and when you do sell, which by the way, the average American stays in their house for approximately seven to 10 years, you're that much farther along and ahead of the game for when you do want to sell.
So go ahead, start enjoying your house, now. That's why you live there, right?
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