Home Staging: The Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Know

  • Taya DiCarlo
  • 07/27/21
Staging. Everybody believes in it. You walk into a house that’s been beautifully staged. You're ready to move right in. But when it comes to staging and selling your house on the other end, suddenly, it’s too much money.
Yes, it is a lot of money, but if you're selling a multi-million-dollar house that has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, is completely vacant, and you also want top dollar, then my friends, you should definitely get it staged.
Here in Los Angeles for a really nice quality luxury staging on a multi-million-dollar property, it's going to cost you between $14,000 - $18,000 to get it done. Question is, is it worth it? Well, guess what? You will make your money back oftentimes 10 times over. Whether it's a luxury home where you're in the multi-millions of dollars or even an entry-level home where the house is $925,000. I'm telling you right now, it’s worth it.
Buyers have no imagination. And I know it's very stressful, but it is a proven fact that homes that are staged, sell faster and for more money. Period.
For those of you out there who are thinking to yourselves, “I'm really good at design, I have an eye for it.” Could you do it? Sure. Should you do it? No. Unless you don't value your time.
If you attempt to stage a house yourself, first, you're going to be going to spend all weekend shopping at Target, Ikea, and Home Goods. You're going to buy a whole slew of things. You're going to need help. You're going to need a truck. Then you're going to bring everything in, not know where to put it. It's going to take you so long. And then what are you going to do with all the things you’ve bought? Keep the stuff or return it? That involves time too.
For those analytical types out there, let's talk about the hardcore numbers. If you were to spend $10,000 on staging an entire home inside and out, and you made $100,000 more on the final purchase price, wouldn't you say that's a wise return on investment?
The next time you are considering to stage or not, really think about. If you have any questions or concerns, let’s talk.
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