How's That Escrow Going?

How's That Escrow Going?

  • Taya DiCarlo
  • 04/2/22


I'm going to give you an unorthodox way of looking for listings that might be available. It's just going to require your agent to put in a little sweat equity.

Believe it or not in this hot market where there's bidding wars and there's people going way over list, sometimes with 50 plus offers, there is a percentage of escrows that are falling out. That means buyers are getting cold feet and are pulling out of escrow, keeping their deposit, and walking away. This means the listing agent and the seller must go back out on the market or maybe call people that wrote an offer before. But what happens when those people have already moved on to other houses?

Consider this, what if your agent called all the pending and in backup status offers in the areas that you want to be in? Sure, sometimes they’ll say that the escrow is rock solid, but every now and then, they can say that the escrow is shaky and possibly give you the opportunity to submit an offer.  Sure, this is an unconventional thing to do, but if you want to cut out the competition, have your agent put in a little sweat equity, pick up the phone and call those agents of the pending properties in the areas that you want to be in and have them ask check how that escrow going. If it's not going well, you are going to swoop in and that seller's going to be glad to have you.

This is me thinking outside of the box, you guys, and I hope that it benefits you in some shape or form.

If you agree or disagree, I'd love to have a conversation, let’s talk.

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