Talks With Taya Episode 2: Networking

  • Taya DiCarlo
  • 08/28/20
Hey everybody, it's Taya DiCarlo and this is Talks with Taya.
Our topic today is networking, which immediately made me think of you guys. I just got back from this amazing real estate conference in Anaheim. Where 6,000 realtors from all over the globe, came to better their business. It was run by the Tom Ferry Organization and I was humbled and honored to be one of the inspirational speakers. I gave this 20 minute Ted-X type talk in front of everybody and it was absolutely life changing. I had no idea that I was going to move and inspire that many people on such a deep level.
Afterwards, I ended up making these really meaningful connections with hundreds of realtors from all over the country. And it got me thinking, "Okay, now I know realtors in New York, Chicago, Texas, Oregon, Washington, etc." And these aren't just regular realtors. These are like highly efficient, highly producing agents out there who are involved in business coaching, and who are literally kicking butt and taking names. These are important people to know, because I have friends, family, and colleagues all over the country who could benefit from their services. So if you and I are friends, and you don't live in the Los Angeles area, and you're looking to buy or sell, you need to call me. I have a slew of agents from all over the country that I would love to connect you with.
And now back to you. I was thinking; networking is so important. It's so often that we think of networking as cheesy cocktails and exchanging business cards. Does anything ever really come from it? Well, what comes from it is meaningful relationships if you're bringing value and if you're helping people. So, when I say networking, I actually mean, are you providing a service to somebody else? Are you providing value? And then they therefore feel obliged to return the favor.
So I want to ask you, what do you do for a living? Who do you want to meet? Who could you possibly get connected with that could really blow your business up and make you uber successful? Because as a realtor, I can tell you, I work with a ton of people from all walks of life, and I know the people who could benefit your business. All you gotta do is ask. I know I need to get better at that too. I'm the type of salesperson that has a really hard time being like, "Hi friend, come on, let me help you sell your home," or "Introduce me to someone who I can help sell their home." I'm really bad at asking, so yes, please. I would love to be referred business. But seriously, on the note of networking for you, I really truly know people who can help grow YOUR business. All you have to do is ask.
So please send me a direct message or comment below with what you do for a living. I'll get my wheels turning, I'll see who I know that I can connect you with, and we'll get that done right away.
Remember, empower yourself with knowledge.
This is Talks with Taya and I'll see you next time.

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